At Station 19 Architects, we believe that every decision you make should be rooted in a strategic long-term plan that is about more than square footage and added space. We work alongside your team to develop the most effective facility plan for your ministry. It happens through our unique process. We take time to listen to your team and understand where you’ve been so that together we can discover what's next.

Strategic Master planning

Our Station 19 planners combine extensive experience with a detailed planning process customized for you. We take time to identify and understand your core mission and vision; listening to understand your unique DNA. We work with you to objectively evaluate your structure's present and future needs by quantifying and confirming your recent and projected patterns of participation and facility use.

The ability to envision opportunities for strategic, effective, efficient and expressive design is what makes Station 19 unique. Coupled with multiple design responses to be evaluated by the collaborative team, we guide you through the range of structural and functional options to a unified vision for your facility.

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Architecture and Design

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From that unified vision for your facility, our architects and designers partner with you to create effective and meaningful spaces. Our knowledge of the architecture and design process allows us to help you navigate the project from your first sketch to your first day in a new space. With that we bring efficiency and accuracy to the process with tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM). It increases confidence in the design through precision and consistency, through integration of drawings, and with the coordination of project tasks and details to reduce errors. Our goal is to bring value through our experience and our proactive process.

Interior Architecture

We work alongside you to complement the architecture of your facility, focusing on the interaction of people and space. Whether we are refreshing existing spaces or designing a new space, we design with your vision and mission in mind. We thoughtfully integrate technology, dynamic colors, textures, and lighting, to create an environment that is engaging and welcoming, all while facilitating a fun collaborative process with our clients.

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Project Management

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A well-managed building project yields returns in timeline efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and design cohesiveness. It also minimizes the impact of the project on the daily operation of your ministry. We take pride in our ability to provide start-to-finish resources to help our clients fulfill all needs related to an architectural project. Our extensive experience and attention to detail drives our passion and care for each project throughout the process.





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