More Than Great Architecture

Helping Ministries, Non-Profits, Schools and Churches Make the Right Decisions for the Future.

At Station 19 Architects, we do more than plan new facilities and design church worship spaces. Before decisions are made on how much square footage to build or what the paint colors could be, organizations need to consider some fundamental questions about who they are and what matters most. They need to consider the most strategic, meaningful, and wise steps forward as they discern who they are, why they exist, and who they are in the community.


We can help in that process.

Station 19 Architect’s helps school’s think through the security requirements of their space while also deciding on how their classroom space will reflect their values. We also help non-profits figure out exactly who they are and what they care about, so that the space is created to both reflect who they are and function the way they need it to.

Ministries. Non-Profits. Churches. Schools.

For us, it’s about helping organizations make wise choices that are about more than their physical footprint. It’s about their ministry footprint. It’s about knowing themselves, where they've been, and determining where they want to go and how to get there.

The Strategic Master Plan

Organizations need to know who they are to know where they are going. It’s important to put in the hard work of asking the right questions to determine the priorities that set the right course for a ministry, non-profit, school or church.

Having a Strategic Master Plan for your organization will ensure that the decisions you make are aligning with a bigger narrative; to a grander purpose. It will help you make decisions today with tomorrow’s vision. We help non-profits, churches and schools, create the strategic master plan that they can take with them into future directions. The decisions they make today will align with the places they want to be tomorrow.

Understanding who they are so that they can move forward with passion, focus, and wisdom.

At Station 19, we’re helping ministries, non-profits, schools, and churches answer essential questions for their own health and growth. For some, it means their existing space needs a refresh. Either by simple interior design changes or a full remodel, they’re in the right place and space but they simply need to make it work better for them. Quality over quantity! For others, they’re looking for a new location — maybe their own space for the first time — that will help them reflect who they are and what they care about. In all of it, we’re here to help set the right course and stay on it.

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