Keeping Your Ministry Alive in the Adventure (and the adventure alive in your ministry)

Keeping Your Ministry Alive in the Adventure (and the adventure alive in your ministry)

With each week that passes, it seems new standards and expectations are put in place on our behalf. Outside voices are telling us what we can and cannot do and where we can and cannot go. Some churches are adapting more gracefully than others to these constantly changing guidelines.

Some churches and ministries have used this crisis as a way to implement long-overdue technology upgrades. Some have invented new strategies on the fly. Some are still navigating the best alternatives. Some have a plan. Some need a plan.

 One thing is certain: No matter how you navigate this adventure, you can expect to be different on the other side of it.

That is exciting!

This season is changing all of us. It’s revealing our strengths and exposing our weaknesses. It’s allowing us to try out new ways of doing ministry while also redefining us and our roles. It’s challenging us to have bigger conversations about our priorities and our purpose. It’s requiring us to be flexible in ways we never have been before. We’re learning lessons and changing our definitions of success. We’re creating new departments, hiring new positions, using new terminology, and even inventing new words.

The adventure around us has the potential to change our approach to ministry, to open them in new ways to new people. This is the exciting part of all the changing and adapting: We’re doing all of it so that our ministries will stay alive - and even thrive - through this.

Keeping the Ministry Alive

At Station 19, we’re committed to helping you keep the adventure alive in your ministry while also keeping your ministry alive in this adventure. We’re here to help you stay committed to what makes you unique. We’re here to help you stay focused on your purpose.

To keep your ministry alive, you will want to stay consistent. If you know who you are and why you matter to your community, you will weather the ups and downs of uncertainty. While the way you do ministry may change with demands, opportunities, technology, and challenges, the reason you do ministry will remain the same. You just need to clarify what that means!

Flexibility has been forced upon all of us. But if you know who you are, why you’re here, and what it looks like to do ministry according to who you are, then challenges like these aren’t such a threat.

At Station 19, we’re committed to walking with you each step of the way through this season...and every season! Let us know how we can help you keep your ministry alive in this adventure (and adventure alive in your ministry). 

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