Redefining Redesign

Redefining Redesign

2020 has been all about adapting. Overnight our world was turned upside down and we had to get used to a completely new way of living and interacting with the world. Your plans for your ministry have likely shifted as well. You’ve had to come up with new ways to reach not only your people, but your communities as well. Perhaps you had a dream for a new building or construction project for your ministry that you have put on hold because you’re not exactly sure how to move forward in the midst of uncertainty.

 Your new project doesn’t have to look like what you thought, the pandemic has given us all an opportunity to redefine our priorities in both our personal lives and in our ministries. There is still the room and possibility to dream right where you are.

Lighthouse Christian Church thought that they needed to pack up and build a brand-new facility, but Station 19 helped them reimagine their current space. We showed them a design that would create a sustainable ministry facility long-term...right where they were. 


Making a plan for future generations to come, Lighthouse was able to not only create a space that meets their current needs, but also plan for future growth and ministry needs. Their ability to be open to outside of the box thinking has allowed them the resources to continue focusing on what matters to keep serving their neighborhood and congregation well.

Redesigning is more than just new paint or flooring.

While those things can provide a fresh look and feel, taking the time to plan for the long-term needs of your ministry facility can create a sustainable strategy that will help you to serve your community for years to come.

Station 19 Architects is here to help you Redefine Redesign. We take the time to listen to who you are, what you value, and where you see God leading your ministry. We help you clarify all of the options for your facility and ministry so that you can make a decision that gets you excited about your project. We walk with you each and every step of the way as your ministry advisors so that when you walk through your doors for the first time after construction you feel at home.

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