Aesthetics & Space: Finding the Balance Between Exquisite & Efficient

Aesthetics & Space: Finding the Balance Between Exquisite & Efficient.

Principles of Good, Beautiful Design on a Budget

Our lives are filled with stories. Our homes, clothes, language, and Instagram accounts all whisper stories about who we were, who we are, who we hope to be. Similarly, our church buildings share the stories of the people who fill them. They hold memories of growing children, weddings, and old friends. They are the places we continue to go for connection and they are the places we look to for future hope. The places we spend our time to both reflect and shape who we are.

When we look at historical places of worship, such as cathedrals, we see places that physically communicate God’s story. Stained glass illustrates Biblical characters & stories. The cross-shaped floor plan is a reminder of His ultimate mercy, and the decorated ceilings draw our eyes towards heaven. Each and every part of the building is designed to speak of God’s glory and shape our thoughts, and ultimately our hearts, to His.

What story is your ministry building telling? 

Does a church with a 1970’s color scheme and orange carpet reflect the ancient church calendar, an attribute of God, or a theological truth? Does it reflect an intentional vintage style or personalized brand based on the church’s mission & vision? Or is it an outdated space, communicating a disconnect between the church’s mission and today’s cultural realities? Thoughtfulness & intentionality even in paint & carpet can mark the difference between a space that falls flat and one that communicates something real about God’s story for your ministry.

While most church facilities of today are not cathedrals (with cathedral-sized budgets), it is still possible for your church architecture to reflect the story God has for your ministry. As ministry specialists, we work alongside you to find opportunities to balance your history and your future vision, the exquisite and efficient, and beauty and budget, all while telling your unique story. We work with ministries like yours to develop a tailored plan, establish programming priorities, and clarify the options available to you. These are all based on your vision for ministry so that your facility reflects the story that God is telling in and through your people.

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