The God Who Made Color

Your Church Facility is a Place for Creativity and Beauty

At Station 19 Architects, our Minneapolis-based team of planners, architects, and designers partners with churches, ministries, and schools across the country. Together, we develop design solutions that are uniquely creative while also practical and functional.

 We know that God is the God of beauty, creativity, and innovation. It’s our desire to create designs that are practical for current programs, but are also creative, inspiring, and reflective of God’s character and His heart for the Church. We design facilities that will pave the way for the unique work of each ministry and organization, partnering with ministry teams to create spaces that reflect who they are, that tell their stories and make pathways for where they’re going.

Faith Covenant Church of Burnsville, MN

Faith Covenant Church is one such place. They needed to transition their facility from antiquated and closed-off to warm and welcoming. They needed a renewed space that would engage and energize the people who’d been with them for decades, and make room for new guests and the future of the church.

To make this possible, Faith Covenant partnered with Station 19 Architects out of Minneapolis. Tight hallways and dimly lit, closed-off areas have become open, welcoming, bright spaces for community and connection. Graphics and colorful accents now provide a visual symbol of the Church’s vision to reflect the heart of God and its mission to Gather, Grow, and Go.

Their space went from dark to light; from antiquated to refreshed.

Building Beauty

The potential for beauty in facility design extends throughout every type of congregation and community; from traditional to contemporary, small to large, and rural to urban. Even the most pragmatic and budget-conscious designs include creativity that can reflect the God who made color. When your facility reflects God’s heart for beauty, people will be inspired to do the same.

Beauty is one of the many ways we reflect the God we serve.

The God who made color and creativity is also the God who holds our future. In these uncertain times in our nation and world, Station 19 Architects remains steadfastly committed to seeing churches and ministries reflect God’s creativity in everything we design, build, create, and do. The Church, after all, is the light of the world. The facilities that we help design can be the places of hope, refuge, healing, and restoration that people are seeking.

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