Building Community and the Space that Supports It

Creating the right space for community to happen

Churches have long been the place where communities have met to connect with each other. With the increase of access to the internet and social media, Americans have attempted to replace their normal human connection with online connections. With social distancing restrictions, we are beginning to realize that while we are thankful for the gift of technology to be able to see and hear our friends and loved ones, it is not a replacement for meeting together face-to-face in community.

 Ben Blumer, Pastor of NorthCross Church in Lakeville says this about their new church facility:

 “The building is a huge blessing, but it’s only a tool. It’s only an instrument. It’s not the finish line. It really is a launching pad. I really do think that this building has created an environment where people want to come and to grow and it’s our job and role to give them something to take home. Now go, put it into action in your lives with the people around you.”

Your church building is only the starting ground for your ministry. Creating spaces for people to make connections and build meaningful relationships within your walls allows for them to be encouraged, uplifted, and discipled. It equips them to walk out of your doors and be the church to the people that they interact with throughout the week.

Station 19 Architects - Creating Spaces that Build Community

That’s where Station 19 comes in. We partner with you to create spaces where your ministry can flourish, where people can not only be free from distraction but be inspired and encouraged to love each other and their neighbors well. We start with your mission and vision...and by listening to what makes your ministry unique. Then we work alongside you to create a one-of-a-kind space that can be an effective tool to do the work that God has called you to in your community.

Building God’s Kingdom Starts with Relationship.

As ministry experts, we build a relationship with you to guide you through creating a space so that you can focus on building up connections and relationships with the people who walk through your doors.

Every good relationship starts with a good conversation, and we’d love to start one with you today! We want to help create a fresh space for people to walk into and reconnect as soon as you are able because our mission is the same as yours - to see the Kingdom of God multiply!

 Learn more about NorthCross and how the facility they designed with Station 19 Architects is building and supporting their community. 

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