Creating Space for Connection

Creating Space for Connection

Doing Church in a World that’s Changed

In a matter of just days, the way that churches and nonprofits do ministry and think about programming has dramatically shifted. In a moment where we are serving each other and those most medically vulnerable by keeping our physical distance, we find ourselves in need of new creative ways to connect. After all, the longing for relationship is how God has created us as humans, reflecting His image and desire to have relationship with us.

We’ve said it all along – your facility is only a tool for the ministry that you’ve been called to do. Pastor Nate Ruch from Emmanuel Christian Center in Spring Lake Park said “Our building helps us do the ministry. It’s not the other way around.” And never has this been more true than in our current climate...during a worldwide pandemic.


As architects, it is our job to create spaces that allow for the connection of people within a physical space. But what does it look like when your physical ministry space has been taken away? How do you find ways to create authentic connections between people so that we “do not give up meeting together” (Hebrews 10:25)? What do spaces look like when we’ve been asked to stay home?

Tech: The New Church?

We’ve seen it, and you have too. God has been using technology and social media - something that has been a stumbling block for so many - to create new spaces for people to connect with God and each other. We're seeing people engage digitally to be equipped to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

For now, these digital spaces will suffice. They must. We are thankful for these ways to connect and see familiar faces and hear familiar voices. But as the Church, we always live with hope, and our hope allows us to see a time beyond our current trouble where we will connect with one another in person again, face-to-face.

How can churches and ministries be planning for this?

We’ve already talked with some of you who are seizing this opportunity to refresh your physical spaces so that you can welcome your people back after weeks of separation. This reconnection will be a fresh start for your community.  

For some, this has been a moment to slow down and rest at home from hectic schedules and obligations. But for many church leaders facing these unprecedented times, we recognize this might not be the case. You are carrying a burden right now, and you're not sure how to navigate it. 

At Station 19 Architects, our mission has always been the same as yours – building and furthering God’s Kingdom. We want to help you take hold of the opportunities available to you in the present moment. If you’re not sure what that could look like, we’d love to dream with you and be part of that conversation. Our desire is that your ministry continues to thrive in the spaces that you are in...whether in a virtual space or a physical building. We want to walk alongside you in both.

Reach out to us today to start a conversation!

 A few of the pastors we have worked with said it well:

“It’s not about a project. It’s not about brick and mortar – It’s about people”
Pastor Bill Berg, New Hope Community Church, Cambridge, MN

“Our building helps us do the ministry. It’s not the other way around. Our ministry doesn’t support the building”
Pastor Nate Ruch, Emmanuel Christian Center

“We are wired for community. God has seen fit to create people who long to be together”
Pastor Brad Kindall, Faith Covenant Church, Burnsville, MN

“You have this desire to be together. Sometimes it can be easy to put it on the back burner. But let’s not give up meeting together."
Pastor Ben Blumer, NorthCross Church, Lakeville, MN

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