People and that order

People and that order

Our Best Days at Work

We are made for relationship. It’s who we are. It’s woven into our DNA, written in our psyche. We are wired for community. We are made to be connected to people; to live authentically with those around us. We are also made to be connected to the God who made us.

Hebrews 10:25 says, “Let’s not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing.” This command and encouragement from 2,000 years ago rings as true today as when it was first penned. Our world of constant connectivity leaves many feeling alone and isolated, completely contrary to the way we’re created. Our excess of communication devices and ways to stay plugged in has somehow disconnected us from what really matters—deep, meaningful relationships.

And that is why we do what we do.

At Station 19 Architects, we are passionate about bringing the highest standards in architecture and design to the gathering and meeting spaces of church communities across the country.

That's not because a church building is the goal. 

A church building, after all, is just that…a building. It’s brick and mortar. It’s a place to gather; where people can live life alongside others and connect with God. The beautiful, life-enriching, and eternally-significant things that happen inside the four walls of a church — the worship gatherings and the kids’ ministry areas, at Bible studies and prayer groups, over meals and through community outreach — these activities are changing lives. They’re bringing people together in a place where they can belong, where they can connect.

A well-designed, well-built facility might be the talk of the town. It could be cutting edge, with a robust infrastructure, advanced technology, and enormous capacity. It might even win awards. But the best day that we have at work is ultimately when we can help a church create a space where people connect in relationships that they were created to have. Our greatest victory comes when we make worshiping together a possibility for a faith family, whether in the heart of the city or the center of the heartland.

For our team of architects and designers at Station 19 Architects, It’s not about making great buildings. It's about connecting people. It’s what we’ve been doing for nearly 50 years. And it's what we’ll keep doing until every person has a place where they feel they’re connected to the God who made them and to people who care for them.

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