If You Build It, They Will...

Creating Space for Community in Your Facility

“It’s not about a project. It’s not about brick and mortar. It’s about people.” – Pastor Bill Berg, New Hope Community Church, Cambridge, MN

The notion of “build it and they will come” comes from the theory that by simply just existing, the church will attract newcomers.

But today’s culture asks for more than just a building for a Sunday morning service. People are seeking a meaningful connection with God and with each other. What does it look like to create spaces where people are welcomed and invited to do just that?

A Space to Connect

The average person today is instantly connected to information, services, and people whenever they want, all from a small, handheld device. Those fleeting interactions, while important, have left our human connection tanks on ‘Empty’.

Long gone are the days when parents linger to chat after a Sunday morning service, while their lively children run freely about, filling the space with laughter and welcomed chaos. Instead, time-crunched schedules, cramped hallways, and dark, outdated finishes aren’t inviting people to stay and chat.

Now imagine a brightly lit space with natural light and windows connecting you to the nearby neighborhood, dynamic colors on walls, updated graphics and signage all in a wide-open space that spills out from your Worship area.

This is the type of space where people want to linger a little longer, chatting with that person they’ve always wanted to connect with and discovering a shared passion for outreach ministry. Diving into deep conversations about faith and redemption with that new guy that stopped in to visit this morning.

This is the type of space where new opportunities begin...Where people engage...Where lives are changed.

A new building or remodeled space isn’t the goal. It’s about the people - young and old, broken and healing – that walk through the doors and fill the seats waiting for them each Sunday morning.

Envisioning a Bigger Picture 

Our desire as church and ministry architecture experts is to help you envision a space that creates deeper connection and engagement. Where your mission and vision is communicated clearly to the people that fill your lobbies, sanctuaries, and hallways. Where you can focus on the ministry work God called you to and not the facility issues that have been a distraction. At the end of the day, our goal is the same as yours – to multiply God’s Kingdom.

We challenge you to take the next step in transforming your facility to best serve your ministry and the people you’ve been called to serve. Whether it is small (but significant) changes to your current spaces or brand new buildings, we are confident that we can partner with you to find the best solution for your ministry’s facility.

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