Vision Blueprint: Great Architecture Takes a Team

Vision Blueprint: Great Architecture Takes a Team

At Station 19 Architects, we have more than 4 decades of partnership with churches, ministries, and schools, designing massive new construction projects, simple remodels, and strategic redesigns. Since the day we started our work, we’ve been bringing visions to life with the work that we’ve done. Ultimately, this has been more than designing what’s trending and more than adding space and modernizing worship centers. It’s been building a plan and blueprint for the entire dreaming, designing, fundraising, and construction process for our clients so that their visions can be accomplished while their community thrives.

 Great architecture is about capturing what’s unique about a culture and vision of a church or ministry and reflecting that uniqueness in the direction and design of the space they use. It takes a vision that’s unique and a process that’s effective.

But great architecture doesn’t happen alone. Great architecture also takes a team that’s equipped with tools, expertise, and vision.

Each Piece Does Its Part

A building project can be a catalyst for growth and new things for a community, or it can drain leadership and deplete resources. This is why you can’t effectively navigate a project without the right people by your side. The team that you build to start the conversation, to lead the research and feasibility studies and fundraising efforts, and to execute the final design and construction of your space must be equipped to set strategic direction and take decisive action.

The road ahead of you requires clear direction as well as a steady commitment to the broader vision and bigger story that a church or ministry is part of. Building a team that accomplishes that means that many individuals with unique skills and gifts work together to get the job done.

It also means that you need to bring in experts who can help you.

You’re Not Outsourcing, You’re Partnering.

When choosing an architect to work with, consider the uniqueness of construction within a ministry context. Consider the need to have a partner who can help establish a strategic direction that looks beyond facility design and construction and into the implications at each step for your ministry. How do you keep ministry thriving in the midst of construction? How do you keep the heart of your ministry intact while you also try to move it toward new things? Is your church even ready for a construction project? How can you decide which project to undertake first? Where do you start and where do you go from here?

At Station 19 Architects, we partner with churches, ministries, and schools to help them navigate the construction process from initial concept to final completion. Each project is as unique as the group we’re working with. We are committed to seeing the unique vision of a church be manifested in the work we do, not only with a facility that meets their needs and moves them forward, but also with a Strategic Master Plan that guides them as they continue their journey.

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