The Strategic Master Planning Process

Vision is the ability to see beyond what is in front of you to the possibilities of what could be.

Our Strategic Master Planning process captures your vision and provides a unique pathway for your ministry that effectively utilizes the resources God has provided. Our Station 19 planners combine extensive experience with a detailed planning process customized just for you. We take time to identify and understand your core mission and vision; listening to understand your unique DNA. We work with you to objectively evaluate your ministry's present and future needs by quantifying and confirming your recent and projected patterns of participation and facility use.


Creating Unity: Vision to Serve People

Addressing the organizational challenges of facility planning with expertise and thoughtfulness creates unity within a congregation. It allows leadership, building team members, and the larger community to join around a shared ministry vision. From concept to completion, Station 19 helps ministries build a stronger community through a facility plan that serves their needs and reflects who they are and where they are going.

Balancing the Ministry: Vision for Facility

Because we specialize in working with nonprofit ministries, we know the delicate balance of serving your ministry well both in the long-term vision and in the day-to-day logistics. That’s why we take the time to listen intentionally to church staff and key leadership to determine needs for space and desires for specific areas of activity and ministry. We assess their view of mission, vision, and overall ministry needs to generate growth and outreach and turn that into an integrated plan for your facility.

Reflecting the Future: Vision for Growth

A Master Plan for your site gives you a platform from which to make wise decisions for your ministry for today and for the future. Station 19 helps you to see the potential with thoughtful, experienced perspective on your building project and long-term growth goals, it gives you financial, operational, and strategic perspective for your mission. You come out of the process with a plan for today and a vision for tomorrow.

A Plan with a Purpose

The ability to envision opportunities for strategic, effective, efficient, and expressive design is what makes Station 19 unique. Coupled with multiple design responses to be evaluated by the collaborative team, we guide you through the range of structural and functional options to meet a unified vision for your facility. Because we understand ministries so well, your Master Plan will reflect your purpose and what makes you a unique part of the bigger picture of God’s Kingdom.

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