Station 19 Architects: Listen First. Listen Well.

Great Architecture Happens When We Listen

Listen First.

This has been Station 19’s launching pad for our process for over 40 years. It has been the foundation of our Architectural Design Philosophy. Our dedication to building a space that reflects your ministry’s unique DNA calls for in-depth discussion about where you have been and where you see your ministry in 1, 5, 10 years and beyond. We believe that by listening first, the design process yields results that empower leadership and visions. It helps foster creativity.

 Every ministry has a distinct impact on their community, and we want to help them strengthen and grow that influence. But the question must be asked: How can we help you craft your vision if we never take the time to listen to what your vision is?

Our Architectural Process

We take the time to meet with your ministry leaders (your pastoral staff, adult, youth and children’s ministry, hospitality, administration, missions, and facilities teams). We want to engage them so we can fully understand the vision and perspective from each corner of your ministry. We want to foster your team's creativity so that we can help you design a building that will truly reflect the heart and mission of your ministry.

This time-tested method produces results that bolster a ministry from within while creating momentum that is visible and sought out by the broader community. Our goal is to create a ministry space that reflects your heart for your ministry and is relevant to your culture.

Our philosophy of listening continues beyond these first meetings and is a part of the entire process, through the design process and into construction. We have a listening ear for new ideas, questions, concerns, and visions as we make our way towards completion of your new space.

Listening well allows Station 19 Architects to be your trusted ministry partner.

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