Station 19 Architects: Helping You Create a Blueprint for Your Vision

A Blueprint for Your Vision

At Station 19 Architects, we are committed to partnering with churches, ministries, and schools to create spaces that reflect who they are with a vision for where they’re going. We’ve been doing it for decades. Sometimes it looks like helping churches accomplish exactly what they have in mind. Other times, it means helping them discover it.

It comes down to two simple, but extraordinarily vital, things: a process that’s been tested time and time again and a team committed to our client’s success. The start-to-finish experience with Station 19 Architects puts our clients in the driver’s seat of their project, with experts there to direct and instruct each step of the way.


Great Architecture Takes Vision

At Station 19, we are approaching a half a century of work with churches. We have partnered with rural churches in the heartland and with urban churches doing ministry in the inner-city. We have remodeled 100-year-old buildings and have constructed extensive brand-new facilities and worship centers. With each project and in each scenario, we are helping them discover the path forward based on their unique DNA and role they have in their communities.

A Vision Blueprint

Deciding that it’s time to build can be intimidating. The unknowns of a building project—budgets, timelines, fears, questions—can leave many ministry leaders feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. They have to balance keeping their ministry vibrant while still paving the way for a new season. It requires them to consider the implications on their budget, their processes, the logistics of a Sunday morning, their community, and their leadership team. Sustaining a vibrant ministry through the process of project launch, a generosity initiative, and then through construction can be a challenging undertaking for any ministry.

At Station 19 Architects, we don’t just give you a rendering for a building. We give you a blueprint for your vision.

Great Architecture Takes Listening

When we work with a church or ministry, we start by praying. Prayer is how we start and sustain the process that captures your vision. Prayer is what sets the trajectory for a project. And with that trajectory established, we listen to who you are, to where you’ve been, to where you’re going, and to how you envision getting there. We listen for the heart of your ministry and the passions of your people.

By listening first, we are able to move beyond the simple, cookie-cutter solutions so prevalent in church architecture and move toward design concepts and ideas that are as unique as your individual community.

Great Architecture Takes a Team

We don’t expect you to be an expert in church facility design, architecture, and vision-planning. That’s our job. Your job is to be the expert in your ministry. We’re committed to providing leadership throughout the entire project process from first thought to finishing touch. We join with you to make sure your ministry vision comes to life.

Your Vision. Our Experience.

The space you create should be as unique as your ministry. That requires that you partner with a team that will make that a reality. At Station 19 Architects, we believe in your vision. Our process, and our team, help bring that vision to life.


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