Station 19’s Design Philosophy

Station 19’s Design Philosophy

Station 19’s design philosophy can be summarized in three words: Passion. Creativity. Expertise.

Our unique approach to design starts with prayers and listening and culminates with bold choices for God-sized dreams!


Our passion is rooted in connecting ministries with the vision God has for them. The first step for each project and each meeting is prayer. Prayer is how we invite God to inspire and lead our conversation and process. It’s how we capture a God-sized vision and move forward. Ultimately, the facilities we design together are tools for ministry.


Every project is unique because every organization is unique. We take time for discovery. We take time to listen to who you are, what you’re about, and where you envision your ministry going. We want to understand the culture and vision of the organization before we start designing. Creativity means that no two projects are the same because no two ministries are the same. By listening, we discover uniqueness and creative, effective solutions.


Collaboration is the best path toward a sustainable, long-range ministry facility plan that embodies your mission and builds your community. We partner with you at each step in the process so your vision for ministries comes to life.

For over 40 years, our ministry specialists have come alongside clients to navigate roadblocks and clarify opportunities. We advocate for our clients and make big, bold choices that serve their ministries for years to come.

Vision Crafting: Building to Match the Dream

Our design philosophy has shaped our process. It is time-tested and proven to be effective, sustainable, and inspiring for those that have been through it. Passion. Creativity. Expertise. These are how we see your vision for your facility come to life.

Contact us today to see how we can build God-sized dreams together.

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