Great Architecture Takes Vision

Vision Crafting: Bringing a Church's Mission to Life

Every project we work on is unique. Every project is important.

No matter the church community or denomination; no matter the location or the budget: Every project we work on needs to reflect the vision of the organization. And vision isn’t limited to the number of people that fill the seats in an auditorium. It involves the ministry that churches do; the people that they reach. Ultimately, it is about each church community’s unique expression of what it means to be “the Church”.

 Whether surrounded by concrete or cornfields, whether needing a state-of-the-art worship center, a secure education area, a more hospitable environment, or expanded restrooms in a lobby, for a church to truly capture the essence of who they are as a community, they have to be able to understand and articulate their unique DNA. They have to understand enough about who they are, where they've been, and where they’re going so they can envision the opportunities in front of them.

Visioning…More than a Mission Statement

At Station 19, we are uniquely positioned to come alongside churches on this journey. Our visioning discovery and development process empowers churches to identify the uniqueness of their community and their individual way to creatively and effectively express that uniqueness in their facility.

When churches experience our strategic master planning process with our team of experts, designers, and architects, they can explore their vision…who they are and where they’re going. Our process gives them a framework and context for their facility project, whether a remodel or an expansion, allowing them to pivot the conversation from reacting to their past to planning for their future. It gives them freedom to move from what other churches have done to what their church is uniquely positioned to do.

When we partner with a church or organization, we bring our decades of experience and expertise to the relationship. We listen. We help them discover who they are and where they’re going, to guide them to make wise decisions for their facility. 

 If your church or ministry is ready to see its vision come to life, Station 19 Architects can help. Get in touch to start a conversation. 

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