New Partners. A Continued Legacy.

New Partners. A Continued Legacy.

Station 19 Architects is proud to announce that as of January 1st, 2019 we have welcomed two new associate partners! Registered Architect and LEED Green Associate Dan Torgerson and Certified Interior Designer Cristina Earley made the leap into leadership and are ready to dive in to the ins and outs of being a Station 19 partner.


One of Station 19’s philosophies is planning for the next generation. Bringing on Cristina and Dan as Associate Partners is one of the ways that we are doing this, continuing our legacy of growing quality ministries to multiply God’s Kingdom.

We asked Dan and Cristina about their thoughts regarding this new leadership opportunity with Station 19 Architects.


Dan Torgerson 


“After working for Station 19 for two and a half years, I knew I didn’t want to work anywhere else. Station 19 comes alongside ministries to help facilitate their growth and ultimately see people come to know Christ. We design buildings and spaces that make an eternal difference in people’s lives. It’s exciting to me that we get to do what we do every day! Personally, I’m humbled that I, along with others, am entrusted with the future of Station 19, and I look forward to continuing on the legacy.”

Cristina Earley


“Station 19 has a passion for listening to ministries and partnering with them to help make their vision come to life. We get to be a part of something bigger than the tangible building. We’re able to help ministries reach their community and change lives. It is such a unique and fulfilling design specialty. It is so exciting—having the opportunity to join the partners at Station 19, to help support our team and purpose even more. I am looking forward to discovering how I can make the most meaningful impact in our company.”


Over the next year, Dan and Cristina will being learning the ropes of Station 19 partnership as they are mentored by our Senior Partners, Nicole Thompson, Tom Peterson, and Ann Kuntz.

Join us in celebration of our new Associate Partners and the continued legacy of Station 19 Architects!

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