Building Better…Not Just Bigger

Building Better…Not Just Bigger

At Station 19, we are committed to working together with our clients, partnering with them to take the right steps forward. When a church is ready to talk about a facility construction or remodel project, we don’t view it as a chance to bring our ideas to the forefront. Instead, it’s our responsibility and privilege to bring your vision to life.

For the Station 19 team, here’s what that looks like:

Listening First 

The right space doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when a vision for the future meets the demands of the present. We listen before we speak, suggest, or design at Station 19 so that we learn where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how you envision your future. It’s how a space that reflects your unique identity can be created more effectively.  

Creating Collaboratively

When the time comes to design your new or expanded facility, the partnership is just getting started. It’s in the design process that we work together to make sure the details of your vision are expressed accurately. 

    • Do you need more space for community, education, or worship?
    • How will your ministry need to change to support these expansions?
    • Are you considering the future potential of your community as well as the present needs in your space? 
    • What are the unknowns that you may not be considering as you prepare for your building project?

Ultimately, we view our partnership with ministries as the expression of a vision, and not just the expansion of a facility. The design, the decisions, and the direction of your organization and your building project must all be part of a strategic master plan, one that’s grounded in your history and focused on your future.

Our goal for your church, school, or ministry is that you build something better, and not just something bigger. Let us know if it’s time to talk.

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