God Size Dreams for Your Church

God Size Dreams for Your Church

At Station 19, we are joining our experience with the ministries we work with, whether across town or across the country. What this looks like for a community in North Minneapolis is different for one in Pierre, South Dakota. Likewise, planning a new facility is different than planning the remodeling of an old space. Every project is unique because every vision is unique. 

The one consistent element no matter what the project or where the church community: Churches that know their purpose and why they exist can discover God-sized dreams for their communities. 

At Station 19, we don’t help churches wake up from dreams, but we help them wake up to them. The dreams that God has for church communities are much bigger than we can imagine. It takes vision and it takes a team. His dreams for church communities are not about replicating others. They’re not about doing what the church up the street did or what the biggest donors think should be built. When a church community wakes up to God-sized dreams, they think differently about themselves and their opportunities. 

 Think Big

There’s a tendency in church culture to think “big” for megachurches and think “small” for everyone else. It’s a misconception. Big doesn’t mean square footage, multi-site, or Saturday night services. It doesn’t mean becoming a megachurch. We want to help churches see that “big” is capturing their vision and building what reflects who they are and where they’re going. “Big” is when church communities define and direct themselves based on what God is telling them to do, not what trends determine they should do. “Big” is when they’re not trying to look like others, but are determined to see their unique vision come to life. 

God-sized dreams are possible for every church, regardless of where they are, their size, or their type. At Station 19, we get to help them discover them. We get to help them plan and we get to journey with them as they see it happen. There’s nothing better! 


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