Any Size Church. God Size Dreams

Any Size Church. God Size Dreams

At the start of his keynote address at an international denomination’s annual pastors’ conference, Irwin McManus asked attendees how many churches were represented at the conference. A few of the up-front leadership chimed in. Some unscripted and un-mic’ed conversations transpired. Someone yelled a number from the back.

Someone else chimed in from the side. And then a number (somewhere in the hundreds) was given. At this point, McManus responded simply. His answer? “Wrong.” The correct answer was “one.” One church. With hundreds of expressions; hundreds of individual communities. There were hundreds of extensions to one, unified church. 

Partnering with Church

At Station 19 Architects, we partner with church communities all around the country. They are parts of different denominations and networks. Some have outgrown their space. Some are updating it. Some are trying something new. Some are restoring what’s been lost. Some are just starting out. Some have been around for centuries. They’re reaching different generations, people groups, classes, and races. They’re surrounded by concrete and by cornfields; in the middle of cities and in the middle of nowhere.  

And in over 40 years of working with them, here’s what we’ve discovered: Every church community is different. And God has a dream that’s unique to each one of them. 

These communities are all different expressions of church. Each have their own unique DNA, ideas, values, and opportunities. They each have their own story and their own vision. And they each have a part to play as part of God’s idea of Church.

At Station 19, we get to be part of that. We get to connect churches of any size with God-sized dreams for their facility and their community. 

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