More than just Architecture: Innovative Ministry Solutions

More than just Architecture: Innovative Ministry Solutions

Unique designs call for innovative solutions. Our goal at Station 19 is to work with you to create spaces that not only are functional and practical, but that move outside the box, reflect your vision, meet the needs of your community, and that can respond to the changes your ministry will face in the coming years. 


Innovative processes that have been tested over time are our solution to create facilities that last. Creating a strategic long-term plan for your building and your ministry is the key to sustaining your mission for years to come. Our team collaborates with you to listen to who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going to build the foundation for your next steps in facility and ministry design. 

Listen First

Before we even begin designing, we sit down and listen to who you are and what you see as your needs so that we can get to know your vision for your building and your ministry. Every church, school, camp, and nonprofit has a unique mission and vision for its ministry. By taking the time to listen to your distinctive ministry characteristics, we are able to work together to design spaces that respond to your mission and grow with you for years to come. 

Strategic Master Planning

Our Strategic Master Planning process is dedicated to ensuring that your facility and each space within it not only meet the needs of your ministry today but plan for growth and changes in the future. We collect information about who attends your programs and services, how that has changed over the years, how the current space is being utilized, and what your goals are as a ministry. Then we begin a strategic planning process that brings clarity about the opportunities available to you and allows your facility to work with you as your ministry develops over the years to come.

Architecture & Design 

The experience of our team lends to the innovative results that we create. With over 100 years of combined experience on our team working with ministries, nonprofits, and camps, we have the expertise that meets your vision for your ministry and creates something that not only meets your needs but reflects your unique DNA and mission. 

Lasting Results

Innovation isn’t just about the latest trends or catering to the newest technologies and movements. It’s about creating something that stands the test of time. Spaces that meet the people you serve where they are at right now, and grow, develop, and evolve with them allow for the beauty of God to do its work throughout the ages. Just as you are working to create faith and relationships that last for years to come, we want to help you create spaces that endure the span of time so that you can continue to do the work you’ve been called to. 

We’re dedicated to creating innovative solutions with you because our goal is the same as yours - to see God’s Kingdom grow. See our innovative architecture projects

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