More than just Architecture: Collaboration for Lasting Results

More than just Architecture: Collaboration for Lasting Results

When it comes to your ministry facility; teamwork really does make the dream work. The team at Station 19 values collaboration in every step of the process from beginning to end. But what does it mean to build a team that is focused on collaboration?

People Who are Passionate About Your Mission

First and foremost, it’s important to ensure that your team includes people that are passionate about your ministry’s mission. The members of your congregation, board, council, or community who know where you’re going and are excited about helping you reach your goals are the people that you want at the table. That’s why we love partnering with ministries because our goal is the same as yours - to see God’s Kingdom multiplied.

People Who Listen to Your Needs

A team that takes the time to listen to the needs of your ministry will ensure that the results reflect your mission and community. From your internal committees that speak for your ministry to your architect to your contractors, it’s important that you feel that you're heard through each step of the process. Station 19’s Listen First philosophy helps guide the design process and ensures that every detail embodies your purpose. 

People who are Experts

While not everyone on your internal team needs to be an expert, choosing the right architects, designers and builders can make a lasting impact in your new spaces. Finding a team that has experience within your field elevates your design from good to great. Station 19 has over 45 years of experience in ministry, working with churches and nonprofits of all sizes and backgrounds. We are uniquely positioned to create a space with you that is meaningful and practical. 

Results that Last

Collaboration is the key to long-lasting results. Station 19 provides more than just architectural solutions to your ministry. We view our relationship with each client as a team effort. We are with you each step of the way as you make decisions to meet your vision. 

We’d love to partner with you. Start building your team today!

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