Redefining What it Means to Solve Your Ministry’s Space Challenges

Your ministry is unique.

The people who work with you, worship with you, who are in your community, who are engaging with you are all specific to the mission that you are working toward. Station 19 knows that unique organizations also mean unique challenges and opportunities. 


Maybe your congregation is growing and you need help figuring out how to make more space. Or you are creating shared ministry space with another organization. Perhaps you’ve been wondering how to make your lobby more inviting and welcoming. 

Then when you start forming committees, or having meetings, or looking at how other churches have solved their own space issues, you begin to feel overwhelmed with options, dollar signs, and timelines. It can start to feel like the dreams you have for your spaces are unattainable.

That’s where Station 19 comes in.

We love dreaming and visioning with ministries and nonprofits to see how we can clarify and address the unique challenges that your organization is facing now and how you can position yourself well for the future. 

We’re in the business of redefining what it means to solve your space challenges. It may not be the huge undertaking that you’ve been dreading. The big project you have before you can be made simpler with a supportive, experienced team by your side that has 40+ years of experience in the ministry and nonprofit world. 

Lighthouse Church thought they had the daunting task of building a brand new building in front of them, we worked with them to see the opportunities their current space provided to meet their needs. 


We would love to talk with you about your dreams for your spaces and work together to find a solution that meets your unique needs.

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