Creating Space for Change at Trout Lake Camp

Creating Space for Change at Trout Lake Camp

Station 19 Architects focuses and reflects the uniqueness of each project, simply because each of our customers is unique. Since our clients don’t have cookie-cutter visions, they should not have cookie-cutter facility solutions. It’s why we develop your unique design concepts after we’ve spent time listening and learning who you are, what matters most to you, and where you’re going. 


More than Just Architecture

While every project is unique, and each brings something rewarding, we also see that some projects are in a league of their own. We’ve had a long-time friendship and partnership with Trout Lake Camps in Pine River, Minnesota. We’ve helped them plan for growth, remodel old spaces, design new experiences for dining and lodging, and create whole new environments where individual and group lives are shaped. So when they asked us to dream together about their Wild Woods Camp facilities, we recognized the opportunity to create something adventurous, inviting, profoundly meaningful, and fun

Award-Winning Design for Wild Woods at Trout Lake

Wildwoods old west

Station 19 Architects is honored to have had the privilege to create this design from the ground up and partner with the camp through the many phases of it becoming a reality. From original ideation to creatively finding ways to make it look and feel just right, this project allowed the kid inside of all of us to simply have fun. From creating an “old west town” as a center of shared activities to the construction of themed groups of playful, elevated treehouses instead of traditional cabins, Wild Woods provides campers with a place of escape and encounter, with facilities that are state of the art and experiences that create lifelong memories.

Our team is excited about how this project has been received by so many and honored to be awarded a Merit Award in the 2021 ALA Design Awards program (link to ALA). Among national competitors in a wide range of categories and project types, the uniqueness of Trout’s vision for Wild Woods resonated within the larger architectural design industry. Trout Lake Camp’s big vision and willingness to trust the process of visioning and designing with our team gave us the freedom to boldly dream of a place this playful. 

And the results? A safe gathering place for  FUN and ADVENTURE!

A Space for Lives to Change

Design that reflects a ministry’s DNA can help bring a vision to life. Theres no magic in the bricks and mortar of a space. The life in an organization exists within the heartbeat - within the vision. And so the work that Trout Lake has done dreaming up the Wild Woods camp is a reflection of their big vision to make a big impact. 

It’s an honor to be part of such outstanding work with such thoughtful visionary clients. The work that we do has earned us awards and accolades among our peers and colleagues, for which we are deeply thankful. But our true reward is when we partner with places like Trout Lake Camps to create spaces for life-long change. The world thats been designed and constructed at Wild Woods Camp for Trout Lake Camps is giving kids a fun place to encounter the God who has bold adventures planned for them to enjoy.

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