Creating Space for Change

Creating Space for Change in Your Building's Design

Everyone on our architecture and design team holds a degree, title, or certification. But beyond that is an absolutely essential part of who we are and what we do.

We are ministry advocates. We are ministry enthusiasts.

Adapting Your Facility to Your Mission

We work hard to listen before we submit a single design idea, because we believe that each ministry is unique. That means that each design response should be just as unique.

We love the role that we get to play with churches and ministries around the country, helping them reflect who they are in the spaces where people gather. Regardless of whether a church is building a brand new worship facility or is revitalizing education space with fresh paint and new furniture, our job is the same: To help each ministry be exactly who God has called them to be; to help them effectively represent who they are to the people they’re reaching.

Your Story and Your Space

Knowing who you are — your “why” and purpose — will allow you to effectively communicate who you are to regular attenders and to new guests that you want to reach. It’s why you need to have thoughtful and deep conversations about your brand and mission. If you are able to communicate who you are in a mission statement and among your leadership team, you’ll be able to make the right decisions about your space. Decisions will be easier.

From a focused, user-friendly layout in your parking lot to a welcoming first impression at the front doors, everything a person encounters in your space communicates something about you. That doesn’t mean that you should try to create your space to look and feel perfect. It means being aware of how the environment in your church and ministry is being built. It requires a fresh-eyes perspective on your design choices and a recognition that certain elements of your space may communicate things that are not in alignment with your mission.

Consider some of these examples…

What kind of artwork is on your walls? Is it relevant to the people you are trying to reach? What about way finding? Are guests able to navigate your space with little difficulty? Do parents with small children know how and where to check in their kids? Is your children’s education wing secure?


Your facility should support your mission and vision for your ministry. Your story should be reflected in your space.

An outdated or out-of-touch facility for a church, ministry, or school can hold you back from accomplishing your mission, but the opposite is also true. Your facility doesn’t need to look or feel like others in order to help you accomplish your mission. It just needs to set the stage for the work you’re doing. As ministry advocates and enthusiasts, we believe that churches are doing it right when they are doing what is unique to them.

Your space should tell your story. When it does, it will play a big part in allowing you to accomplish your mission.

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