Beauty: Something to Discover

Beauty: Something to Discover

Beauty isn’t always about new products, shiny surfaces, the latest technology, or a grand building project. It’s not about architectural renderings or ornamental features. The care you take of your space can that — and even more — to demonstrate beauty to your community as the efforts that go into a remodel or a new building concept. A clean parking lot & building, a fresh coat of paint, or new carpet and attention to detail all contribute to a welcoming atmosphere. Being intentional with the atmosphere you create is an essential part of communicating care and beauty to those who come to your church and those who drive past it.

As you consider what it would mean for your church, ministry, or school to communicate beauty in new, creative ways, think about it not as something you need to go out and look for. Instead, re-discover that beauty already exists within your space and your community. What needs a refresh? What needs to be cleaned or decluttered? What’s going unnoticed and simply needs to be highlighted?

Beauty isn’t something you have to create. It’s something you get to discover.

Some ideas for bringing beauty out in your community:

  • Include art in your building and get creative with how it’s displayed.
  • Support your congregation’s or community’s artists with a temporary art show or gallery. 
  • Use photography, digital media, or lighting to highlight ministries & your story to the community. 
  • Commission a new cross or clean the stained glass windows to showcase the beauty that already exists within your space – share their story.  

  • Include bold, missional statements, bible verses, and even specific colors that identify your ministry, reflect your passions, and tell your story.
  • Create individual spaces in your facility that support specific ministry goals. This can be as simple as reviewing your current furniture inventory and updating & replacing broken & worn pieces. It can be as extensive as remodeling your education wing so that families experience something transformational.
  • Engage the people in your community and empower them to display their own talents.
  • Host events where culture and beauty are celebrated.

It’s not about what you buy or what you plan but about the culture you create.

As you seek to create a space that reflects the Creator, consider what opportunities for beauty already exist and do your best to make it a priority.

Who knows what beautiful discoveries you may find?!

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