Parkside Church

ParkSide Church

Waconia, Minnesota 

Completed: August 2018 
Cost: $2,100,000

Station 19 partnered with Parkside Church to remodel, redesign, and expand their Waconia, Minnesota facility so that entryways, student ministry spaces, and gathering spaces could meet the church community’s growing needs. They wanted new space for gathering—where education and student ministry could happen—while their facilities needed to keep pace with the growth they’ve seen in recent years. 

With these challenges before them, Station 19 helped to create a facility design and expansion plan that would address various challenges with elevation and building access. They enclosed a once-exterior staircase, adding accessibility features for people with special needs, and added new heating, cooling, and sprinkler systems throughout the building as well as new restrooms. New youth and education spaces expanding the ministry potential of the facility, while energy efficient windows, a repaired, functional parking lot, and new restrooms provided the facility restoration that made the project feel 

The finished project, a 25,000 square foot facility located just inside the Waconia Regional Park entrance, reflects the church’s heart and expands their reach. 

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