New Hope Community Church

New Hope Community Church

Cambridge, MN - 17,200 square feet
Completed March 2015
2015 ALA Merit Award for Design
2015 Solomon Award for Best New Church Design 1-800 Seats

solomon award 2015 lrgNew Hope Community Church was designed as the “Untypical Church for Typical People.”  It is designed to be a community center, a third place (from home and work), bustling with 24/7 activity, a place known for its open doors to the broader community, where people can meet, grow, and dream together as the most welcoming place in Isanti County.  A refuge for the Isaiah 61 people…

The building is strategically oriented in the “heart” of the site to be visible as guests approach from the southwest as well as to maintain views from the Community Lobby to the lake as the building expands in the future.  The building is designed with visual cues that orient guests to each program area, eliminating the guesswork in wayfinding. The “back” of the site is preserved for the “Community Backyard” that will include softball, soccer, sand volleyball, frisbee golf, picnic shelters, an amphitheater and corn field (they sell the crop and donate the money to a local food shelf).

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