Cedar Valley Addition

Cedar Valley

Bloomington, MN – 60,000 square foot addition

Cedar Valley stands out during a period of economic standstill as a celebration of clear design, capitalizing on the challenges of compressed budget and schedule, and a rich and complex program. This project consisted of a 60,000 square foot addition and 14,000 square foot remodel to an existing facility including a new 300-seat student theater, a new 250-seat multi-use children’s worship, and large lobby, gym, classrooms and office suite. We have since moved on to a Phase 2 worship refresh of the existing 1,800 seat 1980’s space, where we have taken the pews, mauve color, and choir risers and have given it a new identity that explodes with innovation, excitement, and energy. As “opportunity clarifiers,” we have been able to bring in theater seats; LED panel screens, flexible stages, and doubled the size of the platform.

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